Smoky Eye In 2 Seconds. Yup.

"Help!  I’m late- I need to leave immediately but I need to have a smoky eye because I have to see people who care about smoky eyes."  Swipe this on your lid and Q-Tip it right under your water line.  Benefit Holy Smokes Creaseless Cream Shadow.  Now run!  You’re late!

Fine One One for Emergencies

Benefit Cosmetics is an amazing provider of emergency situation problem solvers.  When you are running errands in the city like I am much of the time, and I client texts you for a spontaneous cup of coffee, you have a wide array of emergency pick me-ups, but this one is new and gorgeous.  Fine One One is coming in December, and I recommend you keep it in your stash to swipe on your cheeks and lips for a pop of fresh color.

It’s so delicious looking- but please… try not to eat it.

Must haves at Benefit that I picked up when I got my brows done by the best in the west (West Broadway that is) Nicki.

Must haves at Benefit that I picked up when I got my brows done by the best in the west (West Broadway that is) Nicki.

The Beautiful Betsy Brandt

I have had the great pleasure on doing the beautiful Betsy Brandt’s makeup this week when she was in town promoting the highly anticipated Season 5 of Breaking Bad.  It’s ok if you are under a rock and not watching, I was there too.  I even did her makeup before (see below) only having had an episode or two under my belt.  It’s ok.  You can get all the seasons now on Netflix and thank me here when you are finished.

When doing Betsy’s makeup it’s all about enhancing with minimal makeup.  Oh wait, that is my theory for everyone!  I love to use Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation on her, and I use it with my buddy That Gal from Benefit.  For events, I like to take a Q-Tip and use Benetint on her lips and cheeks, then slide a gloss on.  They’re Real mascara is a must, and Smashbox Soft Lights make everything camera ready.
For TV, shine is not the look I go for, but for photos at an event, I always highlight the cheek bone as much as possible because the lights dance perfectly- especially on the products listed and the effect is flawless skin and a healthy glow that looks like amazing skin, not a wet, greasy, dewy look.
Though I don’t put purple on Betsy, we all know Marie is obsessed with it, so I thought I should mention my favorite purple which is Smashbox’s Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow.
Now enjoy Season 5 with the rest of the world!

The Benefits of Summer

You know I love Dallas from Benefit.  And Hoola is my go to bronzerCoralista is pretty phenomenal… oh, if only a palette of these pops of eye candy was on the horizon for my cute little packagers at Benefit…

But until then, I will continue to religiously stash them in my kit regardless of their size. 

This summer, there will be glosses to match.  Yup.  Each one will have a gloss to go with it.  The colors are awesome and the wear is great.  I love them.  I have been using Dallas on everyone and it looks good on absolutely anybody. 

Stay tuned for their release… you will want them all.

Bright Faced and Bushy Tailed

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is the newest foundation from Benefit Cosmetics and it’s awesome.  Unless you are under a rock, you have heard all about it, as it has been featured in every magazine this month and I myself have been wearing it every day.  It’s Oil-Free, looks like your plain ol’ skin and actually brightens your complexion.  If you’re having a “bad skin day”, you may want to try something with a little more coverage, or use it with concealer, but for most skin types- it’s a “go”.

…it even has a cute video that comes with it:)

Quick tip: put your foundation on first, then your concealer, then blend well.  You’ll get a little more coverage that way.

What do you think of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow?

Emergencies Only

My makeup kit weighs about 40lbs.  My everyday bag, yeah it’s heavy, but not THAT heavy.  Fortunately the weight of it is due to my rewards cards (it’s a problem) and old Time Out and New York Magazines.  I wanted to share with you what I carry with me throughout the day makeup-wise because I would say these things are an absolute must…for me anyway…

I apply them in this order:

That Gal

Benefit Play Stick in Spin the Bottle (as concealer and everywhere else for rough days)

Studio Fix in C2 on my lids and lips

Liner and Lipsticks (I always carry O from MAC and No Competition from Benefit and Half Red Lipliner)


One neutral eyeshadow and one that has a pop of color (I love Urban Decay for color, Smashbox has gorgeous options if you want a great palette- it won’t fit in your cosmetics bag, but it is gorgeous and versatile)

and some liner.

Ok- now you are all set for emergency skype sessions, and frantic calls to “meet me for a quick lunch” and spontaneous auditions or facebook profile pic opportunities.  Serious business, folks.

What’s in your emergency bag?